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  • Oct 21 / 2010
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The term “upcraft” has been popping up here and there, so I thought I would look into the trend and see what it’s all about. My best guess is that it comes from upcycle, which is basically converting waste into renewed products (either with a new use or better quality.) On they say “Upcrafting is all about recycling and reusing things. It’s about making something better, doing things cheaply, and about using your skills instead of your credit card.” Sounds good to me. I ♥ a good redesign. I am currently in the middle of a couple upcrafting projects Online Pokies. We found an damaged old Duncan Phyf dining table at a thrift store and we’re refinished it. I’ll post before and after pics soon.

Here are some resources to get you started if you want to become an upcrafter.
Make Zine
Makers UK
Craft Zine
Design Sponge – Before & After
Flickr Group: Recycle Remake Redesign Re-craft Reuse Recreate Reclaim Reduce
Flickr Group: Etsy Recycled

And some artists to inspire you
Anastassia makes art in toilet paper rolls
Alex makes sculptures out of phone books
Alex makes sculptures out of phone books
Ann makes robots from electronics parts

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