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  • Dec 14 / 2014
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Toolbox // New options for web alerts

My google alerts seem to be trickling off… and I couldn’t depend on it anymore so I tested out two alternatives, Talkwalker & Mention.

Talkwalker was easier to set up (and free for as many alerts as I wanted) and looks like google alerts. I thought it would be the clear winner but I decided to run them simultaneously, just for fun… I get my kicks where I can. 

Mention’s dashboard view allows you to search and set alerts up for keywords or phrases, like a search in twitter, but with more sources. When I initially tested a couple key phrases, mention only generated leads from twitter so I thought that it “preferred” twitter but after testing it for a couple weeks, I’m happy to say it alerted me to blogs, news features, social media beyond twitter. There were quite a few times where Mention came up with an alert that Talkwalker didn’t have.

I use alerts for two things…
(1) as a news source, to loosely monitor what’s being said about a key phrase
(2) as a brand monitor, to keep a close eye on a “brand” (usally a client’s brand or name)

The second purpose is more crucial and I don’t want to miss any content when monitoring a brand, so the solution I’m setting with is Talkwalker for purpose (1) as I don’t need to pay a premium when I’m just staying up to date on a subject and Mention for purpose (2)

Thanks for nerd-ing out with me!

  • Jan 08 / 2011
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Toolbox // Building A Social Strategy

If your interested in developing a social networking strategy for your company and you understand how the various networks work and how to reach your clients on these networks, you could start forming a strategy by asking yourself these questions.

Why do you want to use Social Media?

Can you be more visible by having an active presence on social networking sites?

How can you use location based technology?

How can you move from advertising to engaging the people you would like to reach?

What do you know about your target market? (You may find some info at

Should you use twitter as a customer services channel? An R&D channel?

What type of content would your target market consider value-rich?

What would you like to receive from your target market? (new strategies, feedback, new ideas, etc.) How will you handle this new information?

Should you use Youtube for broadcasting? What will you broadcast?

How will you measure the results? How will you know if you’re meeting your goals?

Once you plan what your strategy, authorize specific people to implement it and schedule enough time to do it. To refresh yourself on the various networks available, I recommend one of my favorite infographics, the Conversation Prism,

Further reading & watching:
Do you need a social media strategy by Social Creeper
Evan Williams on Listening to Twitter Users
Build a strong social brand from NetMag

  • Jan 06 / 2011
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Toolbox // What’s in a name?

I am often asked by clients and friends how to decide upon a name for their website or company. I always suggest that they start with a short, sweet and memorable domain name.

Here’s a list of site I use to help me brainstorm and check availability:

Brainstorming //
Word match // dotomator and
Random Web 2.0 name ideas // dotomator – web 2.0
Recently expired domains // stuckdomains
Alternative versions of names you want // domainsbot
Availability // domize and domaintyper

  • Nov 23 / 2010
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Toolbox: Submit your RSS feed = better SEO

If you would like to promote your blog or business online, using your rss feed to push out content such as press releases, posts or new products is a great way to do this. Below is a list of websites you can submit your feeds too. Every link created on these directories that links back to content on your site increases your search engine optimization.

For Blogs & WordPress sites

Blog Digger // ReadABlog // Blogarama // BlogStreet // Globe of Blogs // Kmax Blog Links // BlogSearchEngine // BlogHop
EatonWeb // PopDex // // BlogCensus // BlogTree // BlogStreet // BritBlog // BlogLines
Australian Blog Directory // RootBlog // Weblog Directory // BlogoSphere EcoSystems // Blogz // BlogWatcher // Blogs R Us
FeedMap // BlogSweet // BlogFlux // Blogtastic // Blogs By City // RSS Network // Syndic8 // DayPop
Feedster // Userland // Postami // 2RSS // RocketInfo // Complete RSS // // BulkFeeds // easyRSS // FeedFarm // FastBuzz // Search4RSS
DeskFeeds // Terrar // The Feed Spot // DevASP // FuzzySoftware // Aspin // Feed Directory // FeedBeagle /
FeedPlex // Feeds4All // Plazoo // Feed24 // Shas3 // FeedCat // RSS Clipping // Read A Feed
Loomia // Feeds2Read // Feedzie // RSS Portal // RSS Feed 4U // StepNewz // JordoMedia // RSS Mad
FeedBomb // // nFeeds // // FeedSee // // Page2go // // Feedooyoo // // Science Port // // FeedAge // // GoldenFeed

RSSMicro // // Octora // // FeedFury // // RSSMotron // // FindRSS // // FeedBase // // FeedGod // // RSSBuffet // // SolarWarp

Feedest // // RSSMicro // // // // RSS Mountain // // FeedSee // // RSSSpan // // FeedNuts

Industry (or Community) Specific

Finance Investing feeds
Security Protection feeds
Realty and home related feeds
Medical care or health feeds
Sports related feeds and podcasts.
Political feeds and podcasts.
Feeds from government agencies – local or federal.
Education related feeds or podcasts.
Edu RSS accepts feeds dealing with educational technology issues.
RSS Verzeichnis for German feed submissions
RSS – German RSS feed directory.
RSS Feeds Israel – Israeli RSS feeds
Spanish Feeds – Spanish RSS feeds
Japanese Feeds- Japanese RSS feeds
We found several automative related sites including
Mustangv8, News Goblin and Wordum

For Podcasts you cand submit podcasts that relate to religion, sermon or spiritual beliefs.
Sports related feeds and podcasts.
Political feeds and podcasts.
Education related feeds or podcasts.
On Videocasting Station you can submit videocasting feeds

For News

Rocket News // NewsMob // // Memigo // Yenra // NewsXS
StepNewz // SourceForge // Newzfire // // Day Time News

Submission Tools

Some of the following tools may be helpful for submitting your rss feeds.
FeedPark // FeedShot // SubmitEmNow

  • Nov 23 / 2010
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Toolbox: Directories = better SEO

Your site will pop up higher in search engines like Google or Yahoo if other websites link to your site. The best way to get links to your site is through your friend’s and partner’s websites or through media writing about you, but also, you can submit your site to various directories.

For Blogs & WordPress sites



Blog Introduction

Finding Blog



Blog Fuse





Blog Directory Submit





Industry (or Community) Specific

iBlogBusiness is for business blogs only
Blogdir is a spanish blog community

You can also submit your site to BoingBoing where they will review it and determine whether or it’s appropriate for their site.

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