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  • Oct 21 / 2010
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Design a better system

I am fascinated with this design by Studio Gorm in the Netherlands and I’d love to see it actually working in a home. They’ve designed a system that uses gravity australian pokies online, decomposition and plants to conserve energy and make less waste. I am definably going to reconsider my kitchen layout and figure out how to implement some of these concepts.

  • Oct 21 / 2010
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Collaborative Consumption

I’ve been hearing and reading (on twitter… if that counts) much about the culture of DIY and Collaborative Consumption, and I’m finding it an interesting and inspiring trend. It includes trends like social lending, peer-the-peer sharing, alternative markets, and sustainable living. It’s also an alternative business model which is already changing the way we spend.

As designers, we can create Pokies tools to help this movement grow and be successful. We can also participate in the existing systems like Zilok (rent instead of buying), AirBnb (hotel alternative), thredUP (get used kids clothing), and Freecycle (one man’s junk is another man’s treasure). To learn more about this movement or to get involved, I suggest visiting and watching this TED talk.

  • Oct 21 / 2010
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Can’t stop problem solving

Do any other creatives out there find that you are addicted to problem solving? Not the important problems… like why is their starvation in the world… or how can we bring out world peace… but tiny little aesthetic imperfections?

I can’t seem to turn it off.
I go over to a friends for dinner and as their poring out their hearts, I’m rearranging their furniture… in my mind.
At the grocery store I’m improving the kerning for type on a package… in my mind.

I saw this poster by Union Lane on Flickr and I think it summarized my thoughts pretty well. I guess the neurotic-problem-solving part of my brain makes me a designer.


  • Oct 21 / 2010
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Sleeping in design

If you ever find yourself in Ghent (Belgium) you should stay here.

It’s a guesthouse (or maybe we would call it a boutique hotel) that features young designer’s work where you can “see, feel, taste and love their work in a real-life context.” There’s both rooms a guest can stay in and studio space to rent.

If you do stay there, let me know how it goes. I’d love to add some actual reviews to this post.

  • Oct 21 / 2010
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Information Visualization {make visual. make simple]

I love a well design info visualization that makes something complicated easier to understand.

Check out helpful at many a client meeting.

visual catalog

I love the gentle, elegant shape this info graphic creates. It's from an Exhibition Catalogue designed for the Royal College of Art by Karin von Ompteda & Peter Crnokrak.

I love the gentle, elegant shape this visual catalog of courses from the Royal College of Art makes.

  • Oct 21 / 2010
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Arcade Fire meets HTML5

This is fun.

You should go here right now and do this. You must use Google Chrome.

It’s an interactive piece by Chris Milk for Arcade Fire’s song “We Used To Wait”. It’s built in HTML5 and combines my love of great music and great code. You type in your address and you’ll see the film as if it was filmed in your neighborhood. Give it your whole screen and your attention because things happen.

B-reel gets credit for the interactive magic.

  • Oct 21 / 2010
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I will megaknit

This megadoily from ladies and gentlemen studio is really funny.  I think I am going to have to try my hand at this giant knit trend.
I have acquired 1 lb of orange twisted poly-cord and 10 mm knitting needles (both from a thrift store) for my megaknit. I will keep you posted.


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