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Lisa Joy Trick

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  • Dec 14 / 2014
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Toolbox // New options for web alerts

My google alerts seem to be trickling off… and I couldn’t depend on it anymore so I tested out two alternatives, Talkwalker & Mention.

Talkwalker was easier to set up (and free for as many alerts as I wanted) and looks like google alerts. I thought it would be the clear winner but I decided to run them simultaneously, just for fun… I get my kicks where I can. 

Mention’s dashboard view allows you to search and set alerts up for keywords or phrases, like a search in twitter, but with more sources. When I initially tested a couple key phrases, mention only generated leads from twitter so I thought that it “preferred” twitter but after testing it for a couple weeks, I’m happy to say it alerted me to blogs, news features, social media beyond twitter. There were quite a few times where Mention came up with an alert that Talkwalker didn’t have.

I use alerts for two things…
(1) as a news source, to loosely monitor what’s being said about a key phrase
(2) as a brand monitor, to keep a close eye on a “brand” (usally a client’s brand or name)

The second purpose is more crucial and I don’t want to miss any content when monitoring a brand, so the solution I’m setting with is Talkwalker for purpose (1) as I don’t need to pay a premium when I’m just staying up to date on a subject and Mention for purpose (2)

Thanks for nerd-ing out with me!

  • Dec 12 / 2014
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Meaning + Money

“When it comes to work…  it is increasingly difficult to reconcile making money with making sense. People do work to make a living. Others do work to make meaning. But the two works are not the same work.”

Great quote courtesy of unMonastery

  • Oct 23 / 2013
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futurist & technologist – Ursala Franklin

I was reading an old paper when I attended OCAD and was reminded of the brilliance of fellow Canadian Ursala Franklin. I admire her thoughts on Pacifism,  strong Quaker beliefs and view that technology is more then just machines… it’s a system and mindset. I think her concept that prescriptive technologies promote a “a culture of compliance.”

For more, you could check out her writings, The Real World of Technology and Pacifism as a Map. I join her in the search for technological practices that  advance justice and peace.

There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.

– A.J. Muste quoted in The Ursula Franklin Reader.

  • Feb 07 / 2011
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Blog, Culture

Fun Process = Happy Creative

Eskil Steenberg on creating your creative environment.

At FITC, Eskil Steenberg showed us some tools he’s created that facilitate real time animation, modelling and film editing. Overall the tools were efficient & intuitive. You can try out some of his software (most is open source) available for download on his website.

His philosophy is that creating work should be fun… and that if the process (the software) is great, you’ll produce better work in the end.

In his online action adventure game, called Love, he gives gamers the opportunity to play out this philosophy by building and changing the worlds around them. Users are constantly changing the world and when Eskil logs in, the environment looks completely different then the game he originally created. The game never stops evolving, as players build their own communication systems and tools in their worlds.

Another pitch Eskil presented for creating effective process, is to cut out management and letting the software facilitate the process so that people feel enabled to make creative work efficiently.

He finished off the presentation by challenging us to create our own tools like creative greats before us.

“Our entire industry is in trouble. The 3-d world is dominated by Autodesk and the 2-d world dominated by Adobe. No one is inventing new tools … if you invent new tools you will invent new art.”

  • Jan 10 / 2011
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my work at RDG at work

I don’t usually use my blog to boast about my work – but it’s never to late to start. :P

I just heard that a project I worked on while at Nyman Ink is being featured in the 2010 Design At Work Exhibition. The exhibition will be on tour, but they haven’t released a list of venues and dates yet. I’ll update this post when I hear more. In the meantime, I’ve got details about the project below.

Institute for Medical Research Isreal-Canada
CLIENT GOALS: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem needed a brand for its new Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC) that fosters interdisciplinary scientific and medical research. DESIGN SOLUTION: The logo is a stylized representation of the map of Israel, made of 83 rounded squares representing IMRIC’s research groups, in 5 colours representing IMRIC’s research departments. IMRIC’s brand speaks to its potential to achieve great things. A signature brochure profiles IMRIC scientists. The cover’s simple and clean look is enhanced by an intriguing die cut that draws the reader in. The logo image peeks through the front page adding a one-of-a-kind quality.

Design: Nyman Ink
Client: Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Creative Director: Lisa Joy Trick Prov. RGD
Category: Brand
Other Credits: Alexis Ronse, Sasha Semeniouga


  • Jan 10 / 2011
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If I could, I would copy and paste the whole TED website right here because I love it all! But, because one must start somewhere, I have embedded a few favorites below.

  • Jan 08 / 2011
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Toolbox // Building A Social Strategy

If your interested in developing a social networking strategy for your company and you understand how the various networks work and how to reach your clients on these networks, you could start forming a strategy by asking yourself these questions.

Why do you want to use Social Media?

Can you be more visible by having an active presence on social networking sites?

How can you use location based technology?

How can you move from advertising to engaging the people you would like to reach?

What do you know about your target market? (You may find some info at

Should you use twitter as a customer services channel? An R&D channel?

What type of content would your target market consider value-rich?

What would you like to receive from your target market? (new strategies, feedback, new ideas, etc.) How will you handle this new information?

Should you use Youtube for broadcasting? What will you broadcast?

How will you measure the results? How will you know if you’re meeting your goals?

Once you plan what your strategy, authorize specific people to implement it and schedule enough time to do it. To refresh yourself on the various networks available, I recommend one of my favorite infographics, the Conversation Prism,

Further reading & watching:
Do you need a social media strategy by Social Creeper
Evan Williams on Listening to Twitter Users
Build a strong social brand from NetMag

  • Jan 08 / 2011
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Creative Economy: A Feasible Development Option

It turns out that creativity could be good for the economy.

Well, I don’t think that comes as a big surprise to most of us, but this report gives solid support and some background on why.

The report finds that creativity and access to information drive economic growth and development and suggest that this provides an option for developing counties to emerge in the world economy, if they focus on building their creative industry.

“Creative industries are among the most dynamic emerging sectors in world trade. It also shows that the interface among creativity, culture, economics and technology, as expressed in the ability to create and circulate intellectual capital, has the potential to generate income, jobs and export earnings while at the same time contributing to social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development. This report addresses the challenge of assessing the creative economy with a view to informed policy-making by outlining the conceptual, institutional and policy frameworks in which this economy can flourish.”

Visit to download the full report.

  • Jan 06 / 2011
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Pretty Feathers

Need something to help you procrastinate? I’ve got just the thing.

Head over to Jer Thorp’s keyword. Then stare in fascination at the screen as it begins to generate feathers using colours found in the photographs tagged with your keyword.

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