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Toolbox // Building A Social Strategy


Toolbox // Building A Social Strategy

If your interested in developing a social networking strategy for your company and you understand how the various networks work and how to reach your clients on these networks, you could start forming a strategy by asking yourself these questions.

Why do you want to use Social Media?

Can you be more visible by having an active presence on social networking sites?

How can you use location based technology?

How can you move from advertising to engaging the people you would like to reach?

What do you know about your target market? (You may find some info at

Should you use twitter as a customer services channel? An R&D channel?

What type of content would your target market consider value-rich?

What would you like to receive from your target market? (new strategies, feedback, new ideas, etc.) How will you handle this new information?

Should you use Youtube for broadcasting? What will you broadcast?

How will you measure the results? How will you know if you’re meeting your goals?

Once you plan what your strategy, authorize specific people to implement it and schedule enough time to do it. To refresh yourself on the various networks available, I recommend one of my favorite infographics, the Conversation Prism,

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